For many of us, the call of God to enter into ministry is one of strongest calls we can ever face. God calls us to many different roles in our lives. We are called to be husbands and wives, friends, caregivers. Some of us are called to enter the world of politics, some to law. Still others are called to different trades. We can also be called, and frequently are called, to perform many different roles at once.

And some of us called to be servant leaders. We are called to be in active ministry, to help other people develop a relationship with God for themselves. We are called to help them to learn about God (at least to share our own understanding of God). We are called to be with them during the hardships and trials that they may face. And in some faith traditions, we are called to serve in a priestly capacity. To lead them in worship, to administer the sacraments, and to marry and bury those whose souls have been entrusted to our care.

How do we prepare ourselves for these roles? Well, in some faith traditions, there is a great deal of schooling and training that a person must receive before they are ordained. That is, set apart for the role of servant-leader.

There are some traditions and organizations though that ordain people without any type of training at all. It is not my intention in these pages to say which way is best. However, as a frequent visitor to many of the different websites that offer instant ordination, and seeing the messages left in the different forums from people who have been ordained by these sites, who have discovered that they have no idea at all how to go about performing the most common tasks of the ministry (at least within the mainline Christian traditions), I came to the conclusion long ago that many of you might find beneficial a site that would offer the practical information. The tips and ideas that could make the difference between you being successful in fulfilling your God-given vocation, and suffering the soul sickness of knowing you have been called, but finding your best efforts failing because you lack some pretty basic information. 

As I envision it though, the Society of Peter the Disciple exists to do more than just then just be a place where I can share my ideas, tips, and experiences with others.  I know that many of you too also have active ministries, and have knowledge to share.  Even those of you who don’t yet have active ministries have your own understanding of the Christian faith, beliefs that come from your own reading, reflection, life experiences, and most importantly the leading of the Holy Spirit.  So the Society of Peter the Disciple will be, I hope, a place where you can also share your faith.


While some of the information presented here will, I feel, be useful to anyone who is serving God in an ordained capacity, much of the material I will present on this site is really geared to people who are serving in a Christ-centered ministry. This is not to put down those who are following a different path but only reflects the reality of my own experience.

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